Yonni mines his way to top 8 at CyPhaCon Mini 2021

While the world was celebrating Halloween last weekend with scary movies and candy, IlluZion's favorite Steve player, yonni, made the trip out to Louisiana to compete at CyPhaCon Mini 2021. The tournament hosted a total of 253 entrants with some big names among them such as Cosmos, Goblin, Lima and Larry Lurr.

Going into CyPhaCon Mini 2021, yonni had yet to make top eight at a regional-sized tournament since the return of offline tournaments. If yonni could make it far in this tournament, then his stake to being the best Steve player in the world would be hard to argue.

yonni started the day by clearing through pools with ease, defeating his first three opponents 3-0 to advance to top 64.

In top 64, yonni defeated his first round opponent, mold, 3-0 before squaring off against the number one Ultimate player in South Alabama, Sem.

Sem's reputation for being one of the best overall players in Alabama showed in this set verses yonni as the Dr. Mario main used his pills to keep yonni at a distance, racking up enough damage to then finish his stocks off with smash attacks. However, yonni wasn't about to take strange medications and showed off his ability to consistently parry most of the pills sent his way. The set itself was still fairly close otherwise, with yonni edging out a competitive game five after almost losing to a reverse 3-0 from Sem.

(carried him all the way to the other side of the stage)

Next for yonni was power ranked Texas Link player, JAMA. yonni faced early adversity due to JAMA's competence with using footsy tactics and Link's wide array of projectiles. The set was also back-and-forth with both players trading games until it came down to another game five for yonni, which he won with a superbly timed diamond sword slash to claim his spot in the top eight.

(we were wrong)

Making top eight at an incredibly stacked regional like this was a huge moment in yonni's career, but he wouldn't have time to bask in the glory as he first had to play Cosmos, who is currently ranked 23rd on the 2019 PGRU, in winners semis. yonni brought his whole arsenal to bear against Cosmos, this meant all his pickaxes, swords, and masterful out of shield combos against the best player in Ohio. But Cosmos wouldn't fall so easily as he began to adapt to yonni's strategy by staying in the pocket with him and attacking yonni whenever he whiffed anything out of shield. The set proved to be a barnburner game five set which yonni managed to clutch, earning the biggest win of his career and at the same time putting himself in winner finals.

(yonni is so universal he conquers the cosmos)

In winners finals, yonni faced off against one of the best players in Texas, Niko. yonni saw himself go down for the first two games. He won game three which put him back on the board, but it wasn't enough as Niko emerged the victor, sending yonni to losers finals.

In losers finals, yonni had to rematch Cosmos from their first set in winners semis. Cosmos himself was coming off a two set win streak ever since falling to yonni in winners, he beat Lima and Larry Lurr both 3-0 going into his runback with yonni. yonni played his hardest, but he too would be beaten by Cosmos 3-0, ending his tournament run at an amazing 3rd place finish.

Written by Hank Strandberg


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