stingray makes top 8 at second major in a row at North America - Autumn Championship 2021!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Stingray makes his second consecutive appearance of the year in the top eight of a major Brawlhalla tournament, as well as his third top eight placing at a North American Championship in 2021. The tournament hosted 2366 entrants with $25,000 on the line. In his last outing at a championship-level major, Stingray managed to make it to grand finals from the winners side before he was defeated by the number one player in the world, Sandstorm. Now he would have another chance to prove that he has what it takes to win a championship of his own.

Stingray began his journey into the Autumn Championship by decimating everyone in his round one pool; he didn't drop a game. He then defeated jet bean 2-0 to advance to top 32.

In top 32 bracket, Stingray first played Petra player, Raydish. Raydish opted to use Teros alongside Petra for his match against Stingray, but Stingray and his seasoned Xull pulled out the victory 3-1.

Next, Stingray faced off against Rayman player, Snowy. Stingray managed to take the first game, but Snowy controlled the pace of the set thereafter, and Stingray lost 1-3, sending him to the losers bracket.

In losers, Stingray next played Hattori player, Ethan. After losing the first game, Stingray rallied and took the next three games, eliminating Ethan from the tournament 3-1, and placing himself in the top eight.

After securing his place in top eight, Stingray had to go up against Experience. Instead of going all Xull, the character he has played the most all tournament, Stingray opted to use Cassidy and Koji; while Experience used a combination of Xull, Mordex, and Fait. The set itself was very back-and-forth, with both players trading games, until the final game came down to a last hit, last life situation. Stingray fought his heart out, but ultimately he was defeated by Experience, ending his run at seventh-place.

Grand finals may have eluded him this time, but because he has shown that he can consistently compete at the highest level and place in consecutive high-level tournaments, Stingray is well on his way to reaching the top of the Brawlhalla mountain.

Written by Hank Strandberg

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