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Sonido wins ecolution!

Three days ago, Sonido placed 2nd at 404 Smash Night.

He went on an insane losers bracket run after losing his second round match, and he made it all the way to grand finals.

Unfortunately, he wouldn't get the 1st place finish that he fought so hard and long for and was defeated 3-0 by Connecticut Peach player, LingLing.

The W eluded Sonido that night, but he would have another chance at redemption just a couple days later at Mississippi regional, Ecolution.

To win it, Sonido would have to smash his way past 120 competitors which included some of the best Ultimate players the Southern U.S. had to offer like number one and number three ranked Alabama player, ChillyChilli and merf, and number one ranked Mississippi player, Ataraxia.

Sonido started off the day with a bang by winning doubles with teammate, HushPuppy. They didn't do anything short of dominate the whole bracket, only dropping one game on their run to 1st place.

Singles went just as well for Sondio. He didn't lose a single game heading into top 8. He defeated merf (3-2) in winners semis and ChillyChilli in winners finals (3-1). He then met Ataraxia in grand finals. The redemption that Sonido long sought after was finally here. Would he grab it and hoist it in the air in triumph, or would he let it slip away and be left disappointed?

Sonido started off the set right by scoring a three stock win in game one. Game two came down to a last stock situation, but Sondio would be clutched out by Ataraxia. He won game three after a heated back and forth before clutching it out with a forward smash on the ledge. Game four started off as a clinic for Sonido; he was up three stock to one after the first minute and half. Ataraxia made a big comeback, though, tieing the stocks one to one. The seasoned veteran in Sonido started to use his roll outs to rack up steady damage and space his jabs effectively, and one forward tilt later Sonido won not only the set, but also the victory he so desperately fought for.

Sonido went to Ecolution looking for redemption. Not only did he find it, but he also found two first place finishes. With this tournament win, Sonido may have very well cemented himself as one of the best players in the Southern U.S.

Written by Hank Strandberg

Follow Sonido at

Twitter: @_Sonido_

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