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sonido wins 404 smash night

Sonido continues his winning ways by taking yesterdays 404 Smash Night.

The Southern U.S.'s premier Sonic main spun his way to a 1st place finish, beating out eighty seven other players to do so.

It can be said that Sonido gained his validation by winning both singles and doubles at Ecolution this past weekend. However, there was one thing that could truly seal his redemption from last weeks 404 Smash Night: winning a 404 Smash Night of his own, which he did. In fact, Sonido won the tournament without dropping a single set.

Fun fact: this is the first 404 Smash Night that Sonido has won in over a year. The last time he won one was March 5, 2020 before the pandemic started.

Sonido is now on a two tournament win streak, and with plenty of tournaments left during the summer, there is no telling how long his win streak can extend.

Written by Hank Strandberg


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Twitter: @_Sonido_


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