sonido spin dashes his way into top eight at Just Roll With It! 13

This past Sunday, the folks behind one of North Carolina's most revered Ultimate series, Just Roll With It!, hosted the 13th iteration of said tournament series. 323 players made the trip out to North Carolina, including some of the best players in America such as Goblin and Lima. Among those players was Sonido, who has become known as the best Sonic main in the world. His physical presence and stalwart skills with the Blue Blur command much respect in the Southern United States, and he was determined to show that on a national-level, he was a force to be reckoned with.

Sonido found no worth challengers in round one pools as he easily did away with his first three challengers 2-0 advance to top 96.

In top 96, Sonido only had to play one set to make it to the next round of bracket, but that set would see him pitted against the number four-ranked Ultimate player in South Carolina, Mage. Mage is seasoned Falco who has taken sets off of some of the best in South Carolina. However, Sonido would prove that hedgehogs are higher up on the food chain by defeating Mage 3-0 to advance to top 48.

In round one of top 48, Sonido this time faced North Carolinian player, Kresent. Kresent is a mainstay in the top 10 of North Carolina, being ranked currently at 10th on the states power rankings. He also notably holds a victory over Fatality. Having already previously defeated a high-ranked South Carolinian player, Sonido was undeterred by his current opponents rank and accolades, and he swept through Kresent 3-0 to advance to a top eight qualifier match against Peabnut.

This would be Sonido's toughest challenge of the day so far, as Peabnut is the best player in South Carolina. Sonido would fight tooth-and-nail for his shot in top eight winners, but Peabnut would prove to be too much as he lost 3-0, falling to the losers bracket.

Despite losing a top eight qualifier match in winners, Sonido would immediately get another chance at top eight in his first losers set against Virginian power ranked player, NoTag. Even though Sonido lost his previous set 3-0, he still maintained a winning composure and managed to take down NoTag 3-1 to secure his spot in the top eight.

In his first set in the top eight, Sonido contended with the third best Ultimate player in North Carolina, Frostbyte who is considered an incredible Roy main. Instead of using his primary main, Sonic, he opted to use Mario for this set.

The set between Sonido and Frostbyte can only be described in one word, epic. Both players let everything go, unleashing fierce combos and edge guards on each other. They also couldn't take consecutive games off of each other; one would take a game after nearly three stocking the other, and then the process would repeat itself from the other side. It all culminated in a climatic game five in which Sondio prevailed with a commanding three stock, advacnign himself to losers quarters.

(Set was so good, I had to include two clips)

In losers quarters, Sonido crossed controllers with Donquavious, who is the number two-ranked Ultimate player in North Carolina, he is also viewed as one of the best Greninja players in the United States.

The set started out with Donquavious putting Sonido in the corner by winning the first two games by effectively walling out Sonido, as well as using immaculate edge guards. The pride of Georgia was hanging on by a thread, but Sonido channeled his inner "Gotta Go Fast" by stepping into high-gear and clawing his way back to take the set to a game five. The last game was action-packed, with the final moments coming down to a last stock situation. The set would end empathically with Donquavious making a superb read on where Sondio was going to land on a platform with a hefty up smash, sending Sonido off the blast zone and taking the set 3-2 in the process. Sonido would end his run at fifth place.

Written by Hank Strandberg


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