Sonido makes epic losers run at 404 Smash Night

IlluZion's Sonido entered 404 Smash Night last night. He lost in the third round of winners to STiCK (2-1) and fell early into the losers bracket.

Going into losers that early in bracket can be one of the most demoralizing things that can happen to a competitor. In order to win the tournament, Sonido would have to go through the gauntlet in order to make it to grand finals.

The Georgian Sonic main mustered all his determination and went on a warpath through losers bracket. He defeated nine players, some of whom are power ranked in Georgia, enroute to grand finals. He only dropped four games before getting there.

He defeated players such as iGREG!, Dusk, Shaka, and Omega.

In grand finals, Sonido crossed controllers with visiting Connecticut Peach main, LingLing. He would fall to LingLing (3-0), but each game of the set came down to last stock, last hit.

He may not have tasted a 1st place victory, but Sonido showed that he has the heart of a competitor. Despite an early setback, he found the will to defy the odds and made it to the final stage.

Lesson of the night: never count out Sonido.

Written by Hank Strandberg


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