Skyjay Goes Big At The Big House 10!

Just one week removed from his stellar ninth place showing at Lost Tech City 2022 in San Antonio, Texas, IlluZion's Skyjay made the cross country journey to Detroit, Michigan to test himself against the best players on Earth at The Big House 10. Over 600 Smash Ultimate players entered the largest Midwest national of the year, some of which included top PGRU v3 talent like Maister, Marss, Zomba, Tweek, Light and Riddles. Looking to build upon his near entry into the top eight at a North American major for the first time, let's dive right into SKyjay's run at The Big House 10.

Round One Pools:

Round one pools didn't offer much in terms of opposition for the greatest Incineroar main in the world, as he quickly dispatched both of his opponents 2-0 to advance to round two pools.

Round Two Pools:

The next phase of pools started just as dominant as round one for Skyjay, with him barreling through top Nebraskan Pikachu main Zen 2-0 to advance to the top 96 winners qualifiers against Virginian Roy player Frostbyte.

Up until this point in bracket, Skyjay had been playing both metaphorically and literally on fire. However, this is where Skyjay's winners bracket journey would come to an end at The Big House 10, as his fire would ultimately be extinguished by Frostbyte 3-2, sending Skyjay careening into losers bracket.


Top 96:

Despite this unfortunate set back for Skyjay, he would end up qualfiying for top 96 losers side automatically. His winners aspirations had come to a decisive end. But as Skyjay has demonstrated before in the past at tournaments like BOSS BATTLES: Phase 1 where he won 11 whole sets in a row, sometimes Skyjay is at his most dangerous when he is counted out. Steeling his resolve and putting his foot on the gas pedal, Skyjay absolutely speedran his way through top 96 losers, bringing down the likes of BRAND, LOE1, and Kobe while giving up only two games the entire time. With this incredibly stellar three set win streak, Skyjay earned a hard-fought spot in top 32 losers side.


Top 32:

Kicking off his run in top 32, SKyjay would add to his growing losers run by trouncing both the number eight ranked player in Kentucky, worry, and the fourth best Ultimate player in Missouri, Colorondo8, back-to-back, only dropping a single game in the process.

With his losers run at The Big House 10 seemingly shaping up to take him all the way to the end, Skyjay appeared to be gunning full throttle for his first North American top eight placement. Before he could reach that far though, he had to cross controllers with the current ninth best player in the world, Zomba. Over the course of his warpath through losers bracket, Skyjay had defeated three out of his past five opponents 3-0. Alas, despite going into his set versus Zomba with a huge wave of momentum behind him, Skyjay would end up on the receiving end of his own 3-0 loss against one of the best R.O.B. mains in the world, ending his run at The Big House 10 at 13th place.

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While that long sought after top eight spot at an North American major may have slipped through his paws for the second weekend in a row, Skyjay's time in Michigan wasn't entirely fruitless. On top of grossing a slew of respectable wins over standout U.S. players during his losers crusade, Skyjay also demonstrated a significant improvement in his national placings. Compared to August, where he placed outside the top 16 at majors like Super Smash Con 2022 and ULTIMATE WANTED 4, he has nearly finished in the top eight at all other subsequent majors since then. With this remarkable improvement to his consistency, it seems like it's only a matter of time before we start seeing Skyjay breakthrough into his first North American major top eight.

Written by Hank Strandberg


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