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New Orleans's Safety Ace Ceedy Duce Joins IlluZion

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, otherwise known as Ceedy Duce, is an accomplished athlete: he was made the MVP of the 2017 Outback Bowl, he was honored in 2019 as one of the All-Rookie Team as a defensive cornerback, and has netted 115 NFL tackles playing for the New Orleans Saints.

When he isn't shredding up the gridiron, or planting opposing linemen in the ground, Ceedy can be found on Twitch streaming games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and NBA 2K.

Ceedy is also is the CEO of his own gaming organization called 2X Gaming which has its own following in GTA 5's multiplayer.

Ceedy joins IlluZion's burgeoning content creator team, and we are ecstatic to see how his content will elevate us.

Help us in welcoming Ceedy Duce to the IlluZion family!

Written by Hank Strandberg


Follow Ceedy Duce at


Twitter: @CGJXXIII


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