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Ismon wins GodLike 45

IlluZions's top Wario main, Ismon, took home a first place finish after winning GodLike 45.

After facing early adversity in winners semis against not justin, Ismon made it to winners finals against DJ Fliphop.

The set didn't go his way though, and he was defeated in a close game five set.

The number two ranked Ultimate player in Texas, however, rallied in losers bracket and soundly beat mold in loser finals for another shot at the man who defeated him.

The grand finals between the two smashers would result in a nine game affair that saw Ismon take the tournament after resetting the bracket (3-1) and winning the second set (3-2).

An interesting bit of trivia, Ismon has never placed below 2nd at any Godlike tournament he has entered since his return to LAN. Each of these tournaments are regularly attended by an average of thirty players.

Written by Hank Strandberg

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