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introducing illuzion's official and academy valorant teams!

Updated: May 3, 2022

IlluZion is blasting its way into 2022 Valorant with two brand new line ups for our official and academy teams!

Currently ranked at the time of this writing in the top 60 Valorant teams in the world, IlluZion's main Valorant team first began as a project between current team captain, phoon, and former team captain, Soul. They first formed the team all the way back in February of this year, wanting to craft a talented team that could stand toe-to-toe with even the best T1 teams. After recruiting three other promising, young players in denzjk, churro, alvarxz, the newly-formed team then quickly got to work with fleshing out their skills and teamwork.

After only two weeks of their formation, the fledgling team entered the first Knights Weekly of 2022, which would also be their first tournament together. There, they would score an impressive upset victory over well-established team, Cosmic Divide, and before they signed with us, the team also attained a win over Zero MarksMen.

Now, with this new incredibly stacked team of up-incoming players, and with long-time IlluZion standout Rano as their coach, look forward to seeing IlluZion shake things up in the T1 Valorant scene!

Before transitioning to IlluZion to reform IlluZion Orange, teammates PHiX, Snake, vana, and Gio originally competed under the gaming organization Fenrir, with 2RUSH later being acquired by IlluZion to serve as the team's captain, as well as glizzwald as a backup player.

While the new IlluZion Orange may not have many tournaments under their belt, they proved last week in their maiden tournament that they absolutely have the potential to steamroll their way through brackets by placing top eight at DreamHack Community Clash Valorant Circuit | Season 1.5 | Qualifier #1; a tournament that hosted almost 60 teams.

Written by Hank Strandberg

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