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IlluZion's yonni continues to impress as LAN tournaments start up again.

The world is starting to recover from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic: the mask mandate has been lifted, vaccinations are saving lives, and the Smash community is taking its first steps back toward in-person competition.

One Smash Ultimate player from Dallas, Texas in particular is making big strides to his offline play and doesn't seem to be slowing down. With his inventive Steve gameplay and his humorous personality, IlluZion's yonni is looking to craft his way to the top of Smash Ultimate's elite.

The online era for yonni proved to be very productive, he garnered some amazing results such as 9th at The Box: Lunch Box #11, 17th at Ultimate @ Xanadu Online 405, and 33rd at The National Arcadian : Best of the Worst.

It is interesting to note that these three tournaments had at least 400 competitors attending them.

Those high placing ways haven't ceased in the least even after joining IlluZion on June 2nd this year.

Yonni notably placed 2nd at last weeks Ultimate Shockwave 69 defeating players such as Teaser and _trey5, only losing to the eventual tournament winner Cheeks. This tournament had an astounding 107 entrants, making it the largest tournament he has entered post Covid-19.

With the announcement of Riptide, the first Smash major of 2021, look forward to yonni bringing the magic on the national stage and making huge upsets in the process.

Written by "Hank" Strandberg


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