illuzion's stingray wins his first major!

32 of the best North American Brawlhalla players were invited to compete in the exclusive North America - SteelSeries Invitational 2022, including IlluZion's own Stingray and Experience. Glory, bragging rights, and, most importantly, 20,000$ were on the line in this incredibly stacked bracket. 32 players brawled it out, but only one competitor emerged out of the chaos as the grand champion. That player was none other than Stingray, who managed to claim his first ever major win! He did all of this without dropping a single set while also bringing down some of the elite of Brawlhalla's upper echelon.

In the beginning of his career-defining tournament run, Stingray cruised through his first two opponents Zacoi and fellow IlluZ member, Experience, all while using Brynn.

In winners quarters, Stingray faced off with the current number one player in the world, Snowy. Instead of sticking with Brynn, Stingray opted, instead to use the Black Knight and his highly versatile double-bladed lance. Snowy would take the first game, but that would be the only taste of victory he would get in the set because Stingray answered back by winning three games in a row, punching his ticket into winners semis.

In winners semis, Stingray met java, who is ranked at the fifth spot on the Power 1v1 rankings. Stingray would go on to send java to losers with a quick and dominant 3-0, setting himself up in winners finals.

In winners finals, Stingray was faced with what would surely be the toughest challenge of his bracket run so far. He had to contend with Boomie, a venerable world champion in his own right. What might have looked like a difficult matchup for Stingray, actually turned into almost a blowout for the young prodigy, as he defeated his well-established foe 3-1, putting himself in winners side of grand finals.

The losers bracket was filled with a murderer's row of top players, however, it was ultimately Boomie who emerged as the second to last man standing, meeting Stingray in grand finals. If Stingray wanted to make a statement to the competitive Brawlhalla landscape that he was worthy to count himself among the world's best, then he was going to have to show that he could not only beat upper echelon of Brawlhalla, he was going to have to beat them consistently. And Stingray was happy to deliver on that statement by closing out the tournament with a climatic 3-1 victory over Boomie yet again, taking his first ever major win, all while not dropping a set!

Written by Hank Strandberg


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