IlluZion's Nicko wins Goomba Stomping Saturdays #11

IlluZion's very own Nicko took first place at Goomba Stomping Saturdays #11 last week without dropping a set. In fact, he only dropped three games the whole tournament.

He notably defeated Southern Californian powerhouse Zenyou in grand finals, securing first place in a tournament that hosted 56 entrants.

Of course first place finishes aren't anything new for Nicko; since May, he has earned 7 tournament victories ever since his return to in-person tournaments.

This tournament win is significant because he won the tournament with his new main, Roy. He made the full switch to Roy from his original main Shulk, and the results from the switch have certainly spoken for themselves.

This placing sets a precedence for what the Ultimate community can expect from Nicko this year: complete Roy domination.

Written by Hank Strandberg


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