IlluZion Recap: Super Smash Con 2022

Two of IlluZion's finest, Smash division team captain BONK! and recent signing Skyjay, made the trip out to Chantilly, VA this past weekend for Super Smash Con 2022. Coming in at 2,388, entrants, Super Smash Con 2022 was, by far, the largest, and most stacked Smash Ultimate tournament of the year so far. Find out how well our Smash Ultimate standouts performed over the weekend in this recap of IlluZion at Super Smash Con 2022.


The greatest Meta Knight player in the world began his run at Super Smash Con 2022 by coasting his way through round one pools, only dropping a single game to Toon Link player Deliboid on his way to round two pools.

In his first set of round two pools, BONK! faced off against talented New York Duck Hunt player fawn, who would end up upsetting him 2-1, sending BONK! into the losers bracket.

In losers bracket, BONK! would embark on a two set win streak, taking sets over the likes of プレーヤー and C.Falcon before ultimately being cut from the tournament by one of the best Roy players in the world, Mugen, 2-1, ending his run at Super Smash Con 2022 at a respectable 129th place.


After a phenomenal ninth place showing at Smash Factor 9, Mexican Smash Ultimate prospect Skyjay was more than ready to prove that he had what it took to consistently make deep bracket runs at major-level tournaments.

During his run through all three rounds of pools matches, the world's greatest Incineroar main would go on a warpath through winners bracket, clotheslining his way to top 32 while taking sets over noteworthy players like AndrewT, Mistake, Tavares, and, most impressively, Kola.

In top 32, Skyjay would first cross controllers with the best Terry player on the planet in Team Liquid's Riddles. While their set would start out as a hotly contested back-and-forth affair (which went the full game five distance), Riddles would eventually secure the win in the five and final game, sending Skyjay falling to losers bracket.


While in losers, Skyjay found himself opposite of Moist Esport's Aaron. Unlike his hearty winners bracket onslaught (which saw him win seven sets in a row), Aaron would deny Skyjay any chance of a long losers run by starching him from the bracket 3-0, bringing Skyjay's time in VA to a close with a solid 17th place finish.


In addition to his top 32 placing in singles at Super Smash Con 2022, Skyjay would also make fifth place in doubles alongside fellow countryman Maister. Together, the Latin American powerhouse duo would earn victories over other strong teams such as Fatality/Sonido, Soar/SuperGirlKels/, and Glutonny/Sonix.

Written by Hank Strandberg


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