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IlluZion goes undefeated on Day 1 of GLG Radiant Arena #2

IlluZion Black made a statement for themselves after the first day of GLG Radiant Arena #2 by defeating both Flu Esports and Team Synergy to advance to Day 2 to the play offs.

VS Flu Esports

The first set of the day vs Flu Esports saw a commanding lead right away for IlluZion after they took the first three rounds.

Round 1 was fairly competitive. Flu vel achieved two quick kills over Dynasty and benji. It all came down to a 1v1 clash between Flu Drios and AntoL, but AntoL clutched it out to get the first round win.

Round 2 saw benjii utilize his accuracy to secure two kills early on with Dynasty distracting the last two enemies and AntoL finishing them off.

Round 3 belonged to Rano; he managed to get three kills on Flu Esports by patiently waiting for them to group up and overextend haphazardly.

Flu Esports took Round 4, but after that, it was all IlluZion domination. They took the first game of the set with a staggering score of 13-1.

The second game was a completely different story. Flu Esports took the first four rounds putting IlluZion in deep waters early on. However, IlluZion turned the momentum around by winning the next four games in a row.

After that, the game became incredibly competitive with both teams unable to secure a lead over each other.

That was until round 16 where IlluZion brought the magic and swept the next five games with benjii showing off his defensive skills in the final round by netting a crucial triple kill to help win both the round and the second game.

IlluZion took the second game 13-8 and moved on to the next round with a 2-0 win over Flu Esports.

VS Team Synergy

IlluZion had a strong first round of the first game with Shane and Dynasty both getting two kills each in rapid succession. They took the first two rounds before Team Synergy took the third largely in part to Tyler getting four kills on his own. IlluZion would answer back with flawless wins in rounds 4 and 5.

IlluZion would go on to win the first game 13-6 setting themselves up for a strong lead in the set.

The second game would prove to be a far different story for Team Synergy. They rallied and snatched the first four rounds.

IlluZion tried their best to halt the momentum of their foes, but it wasn't enough, and Team Synergy won the second game 13-3. IlluZion would have to dig deep if they wanted to turn this around.

And turn it around they did; they started the final game by winning rounds 1-6 dominantly with Dynasty notably getting a triple kill in round 4 and earning his team a flawless victory.

Team Synergy wouldn't go down easily, though, and won the next three rounds to put themselves back in the game putting the score at 6-3.

However, the game would soon shift in IlluZion's favor when they took the next five rounds even earning a flawless round 10 win. Team Synergy would notch one more win in round 14, but it wasn't enough, and IlluZion soon won the third game with an outstanding quad kill from Dynasty in round 17.

After a scary game 2, IlluZion rallied to take game 3 with a score of 13-4 and moved on with a 2-1 win over Team Synergy.

Written by Hank Strandberg

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