illuzion brings on biblestudy to lead our social media team!

biblestudy joins IlluZion as our Head of Social Media. Having nearly eight years of experience spearheading the social medias of various esports organizations, biblestudy possesses a wealth of knowledge that will undoubtedly raise IlluZion to new heights.

On top of being well versed in managing social media, biblestudy could be considered a true renaissance man: he has done a little bit of everything in the gaming industry from being a professional player, a coach, and a gaming journalist for some of the most reputable teams in the business.

biblestudy's first taste of the gaming industry came in 2013 when he became a professional SMITE player for the organization, Dirt Nap Gaming, while using the tag, DealWithIt. After some time as a player, biblestudy turned his attention to being a coach for Dirt Nap Gaming.

After spending some time as a coach, biblestudy decided to turn his attention away from being a player to starting his career in social media. He began said career in 2014 by joining Mortality Esports, who at the time had just picked up Smash Bros. legends Axe and Chudat. He would also have stints managing the social medias of Reason Gaming, NME, and Titan.

After his time working with these organizations, biblestudy, after having some difficulty finding another social media job, decided to take up gaming journalism and began working as a Heroes of the Storm writer for SK-Gaming. He would also write for other respectable organizations; namely Na`Vi, Rouge, and, most impressively, Tempo Storm.

After writing for some of gaming's biggest organizations, biblestudy decided to instead to resume his social media career in 2016. Over the next three years, he would work with standout gaming organizations such as Trident Esports, Revenge, and Mentality Esports.

In 2019, after Mentality Esports shut its doors, biblestudy opted not to search for other social media opportunities and instead decided to focus more on being an entrepreneur. He founded his own online clothing store, daijoubu, and over the next two years, took a hiatus from the gaming industry.

This leads us to 2021, where IlluZion has signed on biblestudy and his immense social media prowess. We look forward to working with him and how well our social media will benefit from his leadership.

Help us in welcoming IlluZ | biblestudy!

Written by Hank Strandberg

Follow biblestudy at

Twitter: @biblestudyTV

daijoubu: @Daijoubu_GG

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