illuzion black defeats ugk esports!

IlluZion Black crossed paths with UGK Esports today in the NA VALORANT Champions Tour STAGE 3 - Challengers Open Qualifier 2.

The winner of the set would have the chance to face off against Immortals and a shot at glory.

Game 1:

Round 1 begins with both sides sending out their cover abilities, but it was AntoL who drew first blood by taking out UGK's OkuzeN. This sparks an all out fire fight between the two teams which saw UGK's Secrets take out three of Black. It came down to a 1v1 between Dynasty and UGK's LostBlazzer, but it was LostBlazzer who won in the end and snagged the first round for UGK.

The second round started off quietly with neither side making a move. The silence was broken by UGK who made a stellar, coordinated attack on Black to win round 2.

UGK's winning streak would be halted by Exotic Agr0 who got the final kill after a close firefight to bring the score to 2-1.

UGK would win the next round, but after that it was all Black who went on a five round streak bringing the score to 3-6.

The streak would come to an end when UGK's squid clutched out round 9.

Both teams would trade games from then on and by round 15, the score was 6-9.

The closeness would end there as Black would go on to win the next four games to bring the first game to close with a score of 13-6.

Game 2:

Round 1 of the second game was won by Black with a tag team combo by AntoL and Dynasty. They took out OkuzeN who was making a noble last stand; OkuzeN took out Shane and Rano before he fell to Black's remaining players.

UGK would win the next two games. They notably won round 3 with four players remaining.

Black wouldn't take it lying down and won the next two games before UGK tied up the score with a flawless round bringing the score to 3-3.

Round 6 saw OkuzeN making yet another stand against defeat. He planted a spike and managed to get two kills before he was defeated by Exotic Agr0.

Black was on fire after this win and they went on to take the next four rounds before UGK managed to stop them, brining the score 4-7.

The teams once again began trading games, and by round 16, the score was 6-10.

The trading stopped there though as Black found their stride and won the next three rounds to take the game 13-6 and the set 2-0.

IlluZion Black moves past UGK Esports to take on Immortals!

Written by Hank Strandberg


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