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both illuzion orange and black qualify for the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship playoffs!

Yesterday was an active day for both of IlluZion's Valorant teams. Both the Orange and Black teams made it the playoffs of the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship - Open 12.

Since there wasn't a stream for the Black team's run, I'll start with them. They upset top Valorant team SoaR in the opening round 13-11. There next set wouldn't be as close as they would defeat Shopify Rebellion 13-5 to advance to the playoffs.

The Orange team would face off against Down Two Earth in their opening game.

In game 1, Orange was able to secure the first round with a combination of effort from Xander and DRAVANRA.

Down Two Earth wouldn't be deterred, however, and won the next four rounds.

Orange halted their momentum by taking round 6, mostly with the help of Bandit netting four kills.

The victory was short-lived though as Down Two Earth soon took the next six games bringing the score to 2-9.

It looked grim for Orange, but Bandit was able to get a clutch defuse in the last moments of the round bringing the score to 3-9.

The game would continue to sway in Oranges favor with them taking several rounds at a time while Down Two Earth would only take one for every two or three that Orange won.

By round twenty one, the score was incredibly close with Orange only down 10-11.

Though it was close, it was all Orange from here as they won the next three games including a phenomenal team play by PapaCole and aldenS; PapaCole used a spy drone to scope out the final two enemies with aldenS finishing them off to secure Oranges first win of the day with a score of 13-11!

Orange then met Zero MarksMen in the decider match.

Zero MarksMen won the first two rounds, but Orange took round three to bring the score to 1-2. Despite an early lead brought on by Xander getting two kills, game three came down to a close one versus one battle between DRAVANRA and Potatoe, with DRAVANRA edging it out.

The game would be hotly contested for a short while with both sides trading games until round five where Orange would go on to win the next four rounds with the score at 6-3.

Round seven was notable because, while Orange was entirely killed off, they won with a clutch plant that ended up killing Zero MarksMen's Casblood18.

Zero MarksMen rallied, however, and took the next three games before Orange won round nine with the score at 6-6.

Orange then dominantly won the next four rounds.

This streak ended when Zero MarksMen managed to bring the score to 11-11 after the twenty second round; the game was reaching very deep waters for both sides.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell about how Bandit got two knife kills in round 17, proving he isn't just a threat at long range but up close as well.

The deadlock between the two teams didn't last long as Orange won the next two games back to back with PapaCole securing the final kill of the game. IlluZion Orange makes it to the playoffs with a score of 13-11 over Zero Marksmen! Look forward to them bringing the magic from here on out.

Written by Hank Strandberg


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