bonk! takes out wadi! yonni clashes with dabuz again

Last weekend, two of IlluZion's finest, BONK! and yonni, made the trip to Maryland to compete at Glitch 8.5 Konami Code. The tournament hosted over 400 competitors, with some of the best players in the world being among them like MkLeo, ESAM, Light, and Marss. BONK! and yonni already had their chances to test themselves against the best earlier this month at Riptide with mixed results; yonni got 9th place taking sets over Myran and Dabuz, while BONK! placed 129th. Both players were eager to surpass their Riptide placings: yonni wanted to prove he can make top eight at a major, while BONK! wanted to show that he had what it took to make a deeper run than what his 129th placing at Riptide made his skill out to be.


Bonk started out his tournament flawlessly by sweeping through round one pools, taking out both Mr. N and Ferf 2-0.

In round two pools, BONK! won his first round with ease, defeating Sensei 2-0. His tournament journey had been stellar up until this point, but now he would face his greatest test yet, Panda's own, WaDi. Considered not only one of the best MewTwo and Rob mains, but also one of the best online players during quarantine, Wadi was a huge step up in competition for BONK! However, the best Meta Knight on the planet introduced Wadi to a whole new Metagame. Despite the game they were playing being Smash Ultimate, BONK! brought WaDi all the way back to 2008, all the way back to Smash Bros. Brawl. He carried WaDi all the way into the sky with up airs and finished the set off with Shuttle Loop sending WaDi off the top blast zone and into the losers bracket 2-0.

Now in top 32 after an impressive win over WaDi, BONK! faced another Panda player in the form of veteran smasher, ESAM. Though he felled one Panda that day, he would ultimately lose to ESAM 3-0.

After playing the best ROB in North America, BONK! had to play the best ROB in Latin America, BigBoss, in losers. Even though he was warmed up to fight ROB again after tangoing with WaDi, BigBoss proved too great of an opponent, and BONK! was eliminated from the tournament 0-3.

When asked about what his thoughts were going into the WaDi set, BONK! had this to say, "Going into WaDi, my thoughts were, 'okay he's either gonna pick Mewtwo because that's a much closer to even matchup against Meta Knight than R.O.B., or he's gonna just bite the bullet and tough it out with R.O.B. since he's still very capable with him.'"


After a bittersweet run at Riptide that saw him notch a top 10 win but lose to Goblin for 9th place, yonni was dead set on breaking through to the top eight at Glitch 8.5 and taking out every top 10 member in his way in the process.

In round one pools, yonni went undefeated, beating Litman and Lavish 2-0.

In round two pools, he defeated Skyjay 2-0 before crossing controllers with one the best Joker players from the East Coast, naitosharp. Though yonni fought his hardest, he would go down to naitosharp 0-2.

In losers top 32, yonni played one of the best Yoshi players in the world, Suarez. Suarez would push yonni and his crafting abilities to the limits, but in the end, yonni prevailed, winning 3-2. Next, yonni would have a rematch with the top 10 player he defeated at Riptide, Dabuz. Dabuz wasn't going to let their Glitch set go the same way as their Riptide one as yonni was bested 1-3.

Written by Hank Strandberg


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