bonk gets 9th at the comeback

IlluZion's magical pink Meta Knight main, BONK!, had an incredible run at the Comeback on July 31st. 258 entrants smashed it out to take home the win, and BONK! was prepared to bonk them all out of the bracket.

He started off by cruising through pools without dropping a game, defeating SwagMikey123 (2-0) and Pancake. The Pancake set was notable for both games being the exact opposite of each other. Game 1 was very close; it came down to a last stock, last hit situation. Then BONK! turned up the heat game 2 and effectively three stocked Pancake with a crazy drill spike to seal the set and make into top 64 winners side.

(Check out the electrifying ending to the set here)

Riding high off the momentum from pools, BONK! first played Lugia in his first set of top 64 which won with a (2-0) finish.

He continued his winning ways when he faced off against Fang, defeating him (2-0).

BONK! was flying through the bracket with the taste of victory strong upon his tongue, but all the sets he had played up until now have led him to his greatest challenge yet: crossing controllers with one of the best Ultimate players in the world, TSM's Tweek.

BONK! and Tweek are friends in and out of competition, so this would not be a battle between strangers, it would be a friendly rivalry coming to a head.

The first game was a war of attrition, with both players trying to capitalize fully on whiffs and taking as much stage control as they could. BONK! fought well, but he lost the first game with Tweek having only one stock left.

Game two was looking grim for BONK! Tweek was scouting out BONK!'s landings whenever he went to the air. Tweek was also utilizing Diddy Kong's bananas to create openings to inflict major damage. BONK! was down to one stock against Tweek's two when the game was approaching the four minute mark. However, BONK!'s veteran composure shined through; he didn't make any hasty plays, instead relying on his bread and butter combos to deal massive damage to Tweek such as long strings of up airs, using Meta Knight's tornado offstage to threaten an edge guard, and his rapid jab to create space. It once again came down to the wire, but BONK! edged out the win and tied the set 1-1 against the number three PGRU ranked player in the world.

The third game didn't fare as well for BONK! as he was two stocked after Tweek started to rely more on Diddy's tilts and fast aerials. BONK! pushed Tweek to a three game set, but, unfortunately, he was sent to the losers bracket.

In losers, BONK! played TheMightyDialga who was making an incredible losers run. BONK! played his best, but he would fall to his opponent (2-1). He netted a 9th place finish at MDVA's biggest Ultimate offline tournament of the year.

Though he may have missed out on top 8, BONK! sent a message to the Ultimate community that not only his he the undisputed best Meta Knight player in the world, he is a player that can even make the top echelon of Ultimate bleed.

With Riptide and Glitch coming up in the fall, watch out for BONK! Drill Rushing his way past the completion.

Written by Hank Strandberg


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