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IlluZion is a burgeoning esports organization fully dedicated to the development of our players, content creators, and our fanbase. With teams in all manner of games ranging from first person shooters to fighting games, IlluZion prides itself on being multifaceted in all areas of gaming.

Before IlluZion was the up incoming gaming organization that we all know today, it first started out, oddly enough, as a longboarding group by two twelve year old kids in 2011 on a sunny day in Cary, North Carolina. Those two kids, Mihir “Mak” Khadri and “Dave” Britt, co-founded an organization that was destined to make waves in the world of gaming.     

Mak and Dave had aspirations of becoming pro gamers themselves, but as their middle school years passed them by, those aspirations dwindled as they wanted to focus more on developing IlluZion’s roster and branding.

In 2015, the fledgling IlluZion began its expansion into competitive gaming by picking up players in the fighting game, Arms, where we were regarded as the best team in the world at one point. We next stepped into our second fighting game, Pokken, and, in 2019, we took home 1st place at the Pokken World Championship.  

On top of arcade and 3-D fighters, we have created teams for traditional fighting games as well ranging from Street Fighter, Tekken and Soul Caliber where we have had multiple players reach high placings in each game. 

Aside from our fighting game division, we also have produced several first person shooter teams. We first began by creating a team for Overwatch where we peaked as high as the contenders league as well as a CS:GO team. Most recently, we have jumped into Valorant where our team is currently ranked within the top 100 teams in the world. Currently, we are in the process of forming an Apex Legends team as well. 

On April 18th, 2019, IlluZion burst onto the Smash Bros. scene by signing top Philadelphian Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Meta Knight main, BONK!, whom we bestowed the title of team captain of our newly minted Smash Bros. division. After that, we began to bring on more top Smash Bros. Ultimate players such as Sonido, yonni, Nicko, and Enzo. Then in 2020 and 2021, we added Super Smash Bros. Melee players to the Smash Bros. roster by acquiring players such as Spark and Logan. We also started up a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate academy team that is separate from our official roster. IlluZion works closely with its academy players by having them receive coaching from official players, help promote their social media, and help with their content creation in the hopes of one day joining IlluZion as a full-fledged member.

IlluZion prides itself on its talented and creative content creation team. Our apparel designers are dedicated to producing some of the most unique merchandise for our players and fans including our very own clothing line. Our graphic designers work hard to make every aspect of IlluZion as eye-catching as possible. Our recently revamped website and discord have been made to be more user-friendly and more accessible than ever before. Our video editors work tirelessly to broaden IlluZion’s audience with exciting content that showcases our player’s competitive achievements. We also have created a blog section on our website in order to keep our fans up to date on our player’s tournament exploits.